Look! Ahead to these things! Happening!

Mr. Brian, Punctuationally Illiterate
March 24, 2023
Front Page News

Spring break is upon us! And everyone can enjoy a well-deserved break! Coming back in April, we’re jumping right into a slew of events and important dates, listed at the end but detailed right here:

Apr 3 Senior Photoshoot
Our lovely seniors will don their graduation gowns and take their immortalized photos in the annals of HSArts history.

Apr 5 Last day to pay for Santa Cruz fees for 4/14
Optional, for those who want to ride the rides.

Apr 6 Monterey Fish Market Field Trip
Led by Mr. R, there will be fish.

Apr 7 Group photoshoot
At lunch, all staff and students will take a group photo together!

Apr 7 Last day to pay for Yearbook
Get your moneys in for your very own yearbook! We won’t order extras, so you have to preorder if you want one!

Apr 12 Career Fair
Learn about the jobs and careers of adults in our HSArts community. Organized our Parent Club.

Apr 14 Land Day & Santa Cruz (Easter Event)
This is the big one. We’ll be going down to the Land for an Easter Event before heading to the Santa Cruz boardwalk for a full day of fun!

Keep reading the newsletter for more news on what’s coming up! If we missed anything, let us know down in the comments!