San Francisco High School of the Arts

Admissions Calendar

The San Francisco High School of the Arts begins mailing decision letters for the upcoming school year in mid-March. The deadline to apply for the 2020-2021 school year is January 31, 2020. For completed applications received after mid-March, we will mail decision letters within two weeks after the interview.


We are delighted that you are considering coming to San Francisco High School of the Arts. This is an exciting time of life, and choosing your high school is a very important decision. Our innovative education model has enabled our students to pursue their dreams at the nation’s and the world’s best colleges. Our college-preparatory curriculum and comprehensive arts programs are rigorous and inspiring. Classical arts training helps improve focus and self-mastery. Research has shown that it can also greatly boost academic performance.

The teachers at High School of the Arts are dedicated to inspiring intellectual curiosity, and helping students achieve their highest goals. While students develop a well-rounded understanding of the world through both academics and the arts, students will gain knowledge skills that are critical for success in college and beyond.

We seek students who are willing to take on challenges and work hard to excel. We strongly encourage you to schedule a visit with us in San Francisco, to learn more about our school, and determine if this is the right fit for you.

We hope to see you on campus soon!

Audition Requirements

All Music Conservatory applicants are required to attend an on-campus audition at HSArts.

Please email for detailed requirements, and to schedule your audition appointment.

Required for all visual arts applicants: A portfolio consisting of three to five of the applicant's original artworks in a range of art media

Required for all dance applicants: A video recording of a public performance in which the applicants took part. (If a video recording is not available, performance photographs may be considered at the discretion of the admissions committee.)

Transfer Students

We accept transfer students entering grades 6 to 11. Please contact the Admissions Office, for more information.

  • International Students

We welcome students from around the world to be part of our school and community.

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