FAQ: Why HSArts?

Here’s Five Reasons:
  1. Uncover your potential, study and learn your art at a high level
  2. Share in your artistic passions and creativity in classes with other young artists
  3. Join a community that values of Respect, Honest, Responsibility, Kindness, Empathy and Tolerance
  4. Learn from experienced and caring teachers ready to give you individualized support
  5. Gain valuable skills for success in college and beyond
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HSArts News

•  Summer is here!
Have a wonderful summer break!

•  Congratulations to our graduates!
Congratulations to our Class of 2022

•  Summer at HSArts 2022
Join the Arts Academy or Young Artists this summer and take your artistry to the next level! Visit our Summer Page for more info.

Teacher Spotlight


Mr. Wei is an internationally acclaimed dancer and dance teacher. He was the principal dancer of Atlanta Ballet for 14 years. He has been teaching dance for over 25 years. He is currently the honorary Artistic Director of the dance program at the San Francisco High School of the Arts. Mr. Wei teaches ballet fundamental classes to the intermediate and advanced dance students.

Parsons School of Design ∙ Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) ∙ Pratt Institute ∙ School of Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) ∙ ArtCenter College of Design ∙ Maryland Institute College of Arts (MICA)…

Arts Programs at HSArts

Arts Program at HSArts

High School students follow a pathway of pre-professional courses based on their interest of study in the visual and performing arts.
Middle School students experience our comprehensive arts program to discover their artistic talents.
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Student Life

Student Life

HSArts students receive a holistic education that takes them beyond the classroom walls.
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High School Academic Program

High School Academic Program

High school students engage in a rigorous, comprehensive, 4-year college preparatory program. Small class sizes facilitate a seminar-style engagement.
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Health & Safety

Health & Safety

HSArts follows the City’s Health Department’s safety protocols as we provide our students with a quality arts and academic education during the pandemic.
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Middle School Academic Program

Middle School Academic Program

Middle School offers a rigorous academic program for students from grades 6 to 8 preparing them for our high school college preparatory program. Small class sizes facilitate a seminar-style engagement.
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Young Artists at HSArts

Enrichment Program

All Bay Area students in grades K-12 can enroll to experience our diverse arts and academic after school programs and tutoring support.
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UC Berkeley ∙ UCLA ∙ University of Michigan in Ann Arbor ∙ UC Santa Barbara ∙ UC Irvine ∙ UC Davis ∙ New York University ∙ UC San Diego

  • “Our 12-year-old has danced and schooled at [High School of the Arts] the last two years. She is happy in this bully-free environment… The academics and dancing please our daughter, and the kindness and community please her parents!” — Parent of 6th grade student

    — Parent of 6th grade student

  • “This school has an effective approach to homework.
    At this school, homework is not given just to fill up the students’ time but to ensure that it re-enforces what they learned in class. Projects and assignments are given with future deadlines which is similar to how college works. This approach has helped my daughter learn time management skills and excel at the University she currently attends.”

    — Parent Review

  • “[High School of the Arts] is AMAZING. The teacher and staff dedication is beyond par. They really do care about the children as a whole and take action when needed. Most schools our children have been to “talk about” their values a lot. [High School of the Arts] does. And it makes a world of difference. Highly recommend.”

    — Parent of 8th and 11th grade students

  • “She dances daily, is learning Mandarin (really learning it!) and has a terrific, quite traditional academic program.”

    — Parent Review

  • “This school effectively supports students with learning differences.
    Because it is a smaller school, teachers are able to spend more time with each student and provide differentiated instructions when necessary.”

    — Parent Review

  • “Fast forward five years, my daughter and son are now attending a top University of their choice and flourishing in college. Both were challenged with AP and Honors courses in class and performed in dance competitions and public events to build confidence, learn to work with others as a team, and share their love of the Chinese language and culture.”

    — Alumni's parent

  • “Counterintuitively, the smaller community improved my social skills, pushing me out of my comfort zone to engage with everyone regardless of background instead of just hanging with a clique of similar kids like at my large “diverse” public school.”

    — Graduate

  • “This school develops strong character in its students, like integrity, compassion and respect.
    This school works really hard to develop and nurture a strong character in each student. Students are taught to be honest, more compassionate towards others, and respect everyone around them. I’ve received multiple such compliments about my children from parents and individuals from outside of school.”

    — Parent Review

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