Visual Arts

Visual Arts

"Their arts classes are extraordinary and the academic program is strong as well." -- Annie H., Parent of 7th Grader

Visual Arts
Visual Arts

Visual Arts

"Their arts classes are extraordinary and the academic program is strong as well." -- Annie H., Parent of 7th Grader

Visual Arts
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HSArts: an Art Renewal Center Approved School

San Francisco High School of the Arts is now an Art Renewal Center (ARC) approved school. HSArts is one of the few high schools recognized by this prestigious community of talented ateliers, artists and professionals.

Visit our school page on the ARC website for more information.

“Leading the revival of realism in the visual arts, the Art Renewal Center (ARC), a 501(c)(3), non-profit, educational foundation, hosts the largest online museum dedicated to representational art and includes works by the old masters, 19th century, and 21st Century Artists as well as articlesletters and other online resources. The ARC is the foremost and only vetting service for representational art schools ensuring that the teaching curricula and quality of teacher and student work meet our strict standards to become ARC Approved™. The ARC also runs the ARC Salon Competition, which is the largest and most prestigious competition in the world for realist artists painting, sculpting and drawing today with eleven categories and thousands of works competing, culminating in a traveling live exhibition of many of the winning works. The ARC works with other ARC Allied Organizations™, artist groups, museums, and publications to become a central news hub for the 21st Century Representational Art Movement. Read the ARC Philosophy written by ARC Chairman, Frederick C. Ross, to learn why ARC is so passionately dedicated to representational art.”

As an ARC approved school, HSArts benefits include:

  • A listing on the ARC Approved Schools page
  • An updated section about HSArts on ARC’s website
  • The ARC Events Calendar will include HSArts events
  • ARC sponsored announcements of HSArts exhibitions, open houses, artists demos, and other non-workshop or enrollment events
  • HSArts students are eligible to compete for  the annual ARC Scholarship, which awards talented students in awards worth $30,000.
  • HSArts now has free access to all the high-resolution images in the ARC Museum
  • HSArts will receive an ARC Approved Schools certificate to display in the school and an ARC Approved Seal to place on our website

To become an ARC Approved school, all ARC Approved schools and ateliers must focus on skill-based training and classical and naturalist education and be firmly grounded in realism defined as the accurate, detailed, depiction of nature or of life. Ninety percent or more of the instruction taking place at the school relating to drawing, painting, or sculpting must be in line with the above requirement.

Gallery of Featured Student Artwork

Visit our full Visual Arts Gallery for more artwork by our students, teachers, and featured guest artists.

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