By harnessing a natural curiosity about the world around us, HSArts students develop an informed scientific mindset. Our curriculum is built to increase awareness of scientific issues current to our connected world, such as global health and gene technologies. Through guided explorations, students build on essential skills for scientific inquiry and communication.

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Course Description

Grades Offered: 9, 10

Prerequisites: None

UC Approved: Yes

In this course, students will explore different aspects of living organisms, their interaction with the physical environment, and the principles that govern their existence, emphasize understanding the basic concepts and methods of scientific inquiry, including creating hypotheses, designing experiments to test natural phenomena, practicing basic lab skills and techniques, and writing lab reports, cultivate higher-order thinking skills through experimental design, presentations, and detailed essay answers to biological and biochemical issues.

Grades Offered: 9, 10

Prerequisites: Algebra 1 or equivalent

UC Approved: Yes

Chemistry offers students a unique lense with which to view and explore the physical world around us. Through comprehensive lab activities, engaging lectures, as well as facilitated self-learning exercises, students come to appreciate the mechanics that govern the interaction of particles, and the excitement of relevant phenomena that manifest in daily-life.

Grades Offered: 11, 12

Prerequisites: Algebra 2 or equivalent

UC Approved: Yes

In this course, students will learn the basic tenets of physics, which will provide an understanding of many of the scientific principles we meet in our daily lives. For instance, students are expected to apply their understanding of acceleration, forces, pressure, and impulse to tell how to increase safety in modern-day traffic situations.

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