HSArts’ academic curriculum focuses on traditional liberal arts. Interdisciplinary studies include ancient history to modern world history and a wide sample of literary works including Greek and Chinese classics, Shakespeare, poetry and contemporary authors. Students examine the politics, religion, culture, and ideals of different eras, and the roles men and women have played in significant historical events. Students also study grammar, logic, and rhetoric as they learn how to communicate effectively. Qualified, highly motivated students can elect to take advanced coursework in English Language and History and qualify for graduating with Humanities Honors after having completed at least three AP Humanities courses.

“The school was the perfect fit for my two children as I strongly believe in the values of building good character.” 

— Parent

High School Academics

San Francisco High School of the Arts’ curriculum is approved by the University of California’s A-G program. In addition, 20 Advanced Placement (AP) courses approved by the College Board, as well as 14 UC-approved honors level courses give students access to intellectually challenging coursework.

All courses offered in the major disciplines meet or exceed California’s state standards and prepare students for studies at highly selective colleges. AP and Honors courses are offered in English, History, Math, the Sciences and Chinese.

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