HSArts Community Newsletter – May 5

San Francisco High School of the Arts Community Newsletter | May 5, 2023


Important Dates
May 6 Spring Art Showcase and Gallery at Stonestown Galleria
May 5-7 Thunderstruck Dance Competition
May 10 St. Thomas the Apostle – Spring Arts Tour
May 11 Stevenson Elementary School – Spring Arts Tour

Remarks from our Head of School

Time flies and we are into the last month of the year! This is our busy time with many tests (big and small) along with the preparation for upcoming performances including the big recital. Yes there could be stress, yes, hard work is needed, but there is the reward of accomplishment afterwards!

Dr. Sherry Zhang 
Head of School
San Francisco High School of the Arts

Spring Arts Tour

Mr. Brian, Event Planner, Performance Enthusiast

Maybe it’s spring. Maybe it’s because May is Asian American Heritage month. Maybe more and more people are getting to know and getting to liking the dances we perform… We have many performances lined up this whole month.

Announcing our Spring Arts Tour! This tour will bring us to 7 locations around the bay area, from nearby schools to Stonestown Galleria to senior centers.

As a cherished opportunity to perform and share our arts, our students will be showcasing several pieces from the upcoming Spring Spectacular show. 

So be on the lookout for more news from our Spring Arts Tour!


Featured Academic News of the Week    

Mr. Lee Randazzo, History Teacher

Dear parents and guardians,

Our 6th and 7th grade students got a special treat this week, engaging in “conversation” with a Roman emperor.  Did we have a time machine?  Yes, of sorts.  This emperor wrote a book and we read part of it.  The emperor was Marcus Aurelius and his book was called Meditations.  (Actually the book was a compilation of his journal entries, made after he died in 180).  Our students had to evaluate the advice Marcus had for regular people to live their lives (and write about it).  We also had a great discussion in class about how many of Marcus’s thoughts were not so different from how people think today.  


Those of you who have visited my classroom know that it’s full of books. Those books are all related to lessons.  I love it when we can go beyond the textbook (more in-depth) and analyze primary sources from history.  Most other American students would not be exposed to such knowledge until they reach university.  But our middle school students can handle it just fine.    

Take care. 
Lee Randazzo


Featured Arts News of the Week    

Mr. Brian Nieh, still a big fan of Fans

I like fans. Remember this?

Fans are indeed pretty cool. So cool, in fact, that our dance conservatory gentlemen will use their fans to demonstrate the level of coolness in the Chinese dance featured in the upcoming Spring Spectacular recital titled Summer Fan Scholars.

In ancient China, it was typical and expected for gentlemen to develop both their minds and their bodies. This dance, choreographed by Mr. Mike, uses fans as props to blend graceful movements with powerful techniques, showcasing their mastery over their movements.


HSArts will continue to provide private campus tours over the next several weeks giving all interested students and their families the opportunity to further explore our programs and offerings.  Please RSVP here to schedule your tour.
Young Artists News
By Ms. Ginnie, Young Artists Coordinator

Hello Young Artist program dance families,

Just a reminder that we will have two dress rehearsals on campus in May! They will be on Wednesday, May 10th and Wednesday, May 24th. 

Both dress rehearsals will run from 3:30-6:00pm. If students finish early, we will send a message in the Telegram app and parents can respond if they would like to pick up early. We will bring your child out when you pull up to the curb. 

Students will need to arrive with hair in a neat bun (unless their teacher asked for a different hairstyle). We will wear costumes but no makeup for the rehearsal.

Finally, just a reminder that there may be makeup/hair supplies that students need to purchase for the recital!! Having all the necessary supplies is very, very important to ensure that students are neatly groomed and ready for the stage. We sent out an email last week with the subject “Spring Rehearsal and Recital Info” that includes a link to the Supplies Checklist — it is copied here WHAT TO BRING. There are also hard copies available at the front desk.

Thank you!

Spring Arts Tour – Kickoff at Kaiser
Mr. Brian, Coordinator of Arts Things

On our Spring Arts Tour, we visited Kaiser Permanente in Redwood. In celebration of Asian American Heritage Month, our students performed several dance pieces from our upcoming Spring Spectacular recital. Here’s a short video capturing Ms. Hanna leading our students to do a bit of spacing before the performance from our Facebook page @hsartssf

Stay tuned for more news and media from our Spring Arts Tour, continued next at St. Thomas the Apostle School next Wednesday!

Spring Spectacular Tickets on Sale!
Get your Tickets HERE at City Box Office


Coming soon!
May 6

Spring Art Showcase and Gallery at Stonestown Galleria

May 5-7
Thunderstruck Dance Competition
May 10
St. Thomas the Apostle School – Spring Arts Tour
May 10
Spring Spectacular Dress Rehearsal #1
May 11
Stevenson Elementary School – Spring Arts Tour
May 16
Charlotte’s Web Open Rehearsal
May 17
Sagebrook Senior Center – Spring Arts Tour, sponsored by NHS
May 19
Charlotte’s Web musical performance
May 19Kaiser Permanente 2nd visit – Spring Arts Tour
May 19-21
Headliners Dance Competition

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