HSArts Community Newsletter – Apr 28

San Francisco High School of the Arts Community Newsletter | April 28, 2023


Important Dates
May 3 Asian Heritage Month Performance at Kaiser
May 6 Spring Art Showcase and Gallery at Stonestown Galleria

Remarks from our Head of School

Every year around April 20, we will educate students about drugs. This is such a widespread problem in San Francisco and it is only getting worse. I am proud to say HSArts is completely drug free. We will do everything we can to keep our school a clean and nurturing place for all children to learn, grow and bond! 

Dr. Sherry Zhang 
Head of School
San Francisco High School of the Arts

Performances Galore!

Mr. Brian, Event Planner, Performance Enthusiast

Roses are red, April is Grey.
But in a few days, it’s gonna be May~~

With the end of the school year in sight, we have a number of performances, exhibitions, and other events to look forward for. And more pictures!

For the dance conservatory, we’ll be performing at the following locations:
– Kaiser Permanente (May 3)
– St Thomas the Apostle School (May 10)
– Stevenson Elementary (May 11)
– Stonestown Galleria (May 14)
– Sagebrook Senior Center (May 17)
– Ivy Living Senior Center (May 26)
– Herbst Theater (June 2)

We’re also holding a Spring Art Showcase and Gallery at Stonestown on May 6, Spring Music Concert at school (tbd) and our big musical presentation of Charlotte’s Web on May 19, also at school.

And that’s not even mentioning all the AP tests and final exams… our students have plenty to prepare for and look forward to. Let’s finish the year strong, with vigor, and with lots of fun!


Featured Academic News of the Week    

Mr. David Gallagher, English Teacher

In English class, we build skills and knowledge in reading and writing which are very important and necessary for success. However, just as important are the skills and attitudes that help students manage their time, work well with others, solve problems, and behave in an ethical manner. These abilities are known as transferable skills because they can be developed in one environment, such as the classroom, and then transferred to future environments, such as a university or the workplace. The absence of these skills in the workplace is called the “skills gap.” 

The success of our students is very important, not only because we personally want them to succeed, but also because our mission statement specifies that “the curriculum nurtures in students universal values and a sense of civic duty so they may positively contribute to the world.” Many of the transferable skills that students need to succeed at SFHSA are the same as those that will help them succeed in college and on-the-job, such as time management, teamwork, honesty, and responsibility. 

In English class, I require my students to hand in their assignments on time, collaborate effectively on group projects, take accurate notes, avoid plagiarism, and use school planners and Google Classroom to know when assignments are due rather than relying on the teacher to provide them with reminders. The lessons they learn as they develop these transferable skills will not always be easy and the consequences they experience on their way to mastering these skills may sometimes cause them to describe me as an overly-demanding or a “mean” teacher. But I am willing to bear this title, and to bear it proudly, if it helps our students to succeed.

Thank you,
Mr. Gallagher


Featured Arts News of the Week    

Ms. Hannah Ogden, Theatre Arts Director

Our Musical Theatre students have been working hard all year, learning the fundamental skills of Acting, Singing, and Dance. We are proud to invite you to our final production of the 2022-23 school year, Charlotte’s Web the Musical! This classic story has been reimagined to include toe-tapping musical numbers that highlight all of the technique and skill that our students have built this year. Our performers have spent weeks building their characters, rehearsing their songs, and practicing choreography. Please join us on May 19th at 6 PM in Studio 2 to see our students in action for the final time this year! 


HSArts will continue to provide private campus tours over the next several weeks giving all interested students and their families the opportunity to further explore our programs and offerings.  Please RSVP here to schedule your tour.
Young Artists News from the Competition
By Ms. Ginnie, Young Artists Paparazzi

“Hello! We are shiny.”

Pictured: Dancers from our Wednesday Chinese Dance 1A
Yearbook Design, Done!
Mr. Brian, making some news out of a slow week

Buckle your seatbelts boys and girls, the yearbook is complete! I received an advanced copy and I must say… *chef’s kiss* Fastastiqúe!

With great nostalgia swelling within, I looked through the pages and pages of perfect snippets of this crazy school year. To know that our yearbook club and Ms. Anne put in so much hard work over many many months… *chef’s kiss* Amazioso!

At our seniors’ self-designed spreads, I recall the years of memories bringing back memories and I just feel… *chef’s kiss* Spectacular!
(speaking of, buy your tickets to the Spring Spectacular now!)

I’m glad I preordered my copy. Did you?

Spring Spectacular Tickets on Sale!Tickets here at City Box Office


Coming soon!
May 3
Asian Heritage Month Performance at Kaiser
May 6

Spring Art Showcase and Gallery at Stonestown Galleria

May 5-7
Thunderstruck Dance Competition
May 10
Spring Spectacular Dress Rehearsal #1
May 11
Performance at Stevenson Elementary School
May 16
Charlotte’s Web Open Rehearsal
May 17
Performance at Sagebrook Senior Center, sponsored by NHS
May 19
Charlotte’s Web musical performance
May 19-21
Headliners Dance Competition

Communication is essential and we strive to connect with our students, parents, and families throughout the school year. We will continue reaching out to you with this weekly newsletter. We also encourage you to visit our website and follow our social pages including Facebook and Instagram for announcements, information, and celebrations