HSArts Community Newsletter – Apr 21

San Francisco High School of the Arts Community Newsletter | April 21, 2023


Important Dates
Apr 24 PSAT Testing

May 3 Asian Heritage Month Performance at Kaiser

Remarks from our Head of School

We had our first Career Fair led by our Parent Club last week! We had 15 presenters give insights to their professions, which included computer, branding, finance/loan, accounting and chemistry.  It is great for our students to think about where their passion lies and what they want to do in the future. Big thanks to our parents and teachers who made this happen! 

Dr. Sherry Zhang 
Head of School
San Francisco High School of the Arts

*Editor’s note: Pictures from the Career Fair in the STUDENT LIFE section

Virtue of the Month: Responsibility

Mr. Brian, Responsible Man, Responsible Plans

“The price of greatness is responsibility.” -Winston Churchill

Responsibility is one of the most important virtues we can possess as human beings. It’s the cornerstone of our personal and professional lives, and it’s essential for our well-being and success. But what does it really mean to be responsible?

To be responsible means taking ownership of our actions and the consequences that follow. It means being accountable for our decisions and choices, and recognizing the impact they have on others. It means showing up, being present, and doing what needs to be done, even when it’s hard or inconvenient.

Continued in the CULTURE section

*Editor’s note: Sorry for the delay in production! We had a very busy week last week, with events almost every day! Don’t worry, we have pictures. Lots of pictures. Like…get yourself strapped in for all the pictures you’ll get 🙂


Featured Academic News of the Week    

Ms. Ginnie Wu, History Teacher

This week we wrapped up the final unit in AP Macroeconomics (International Trade and Finance). Students received their first full-length practice exam to take home and will be completing several more next week. We will also be reviewing select topics from Units 2-4.

Just a reminder to all AP students that there are only two more weeks before AP testing begins! Please make sure to be **responsible** for your own learning, stay on top of your assignments, and reach out to your teachers if you have questions. 

Meanwhile, Modern World History students are discussing the Great Depression and New Deal while English 8 is starting the last assignment in our poetry unit. 


Featured Arts News of the Week    

Mr. Brian Nieh, Facilitator of Things, Decidedly not very French

Last week, we welcomed a group of dance students from the faraway island of Tahiti. As part of our Intensive Arts Bootcamp Program, 10 dance students visited San Francisco and our school to experience Chinese dance and learn from our teachers. Speaking mainly French, we had some growing pains to work through to even communicate with them. Luckily, dance is a universal language. And also, a few spoke enough English to help translate.

Several of our students volunteered as student ambassadors, greeting and talking with our Tahiti friends to help them get acclimated to our school. During classes, lunch time, and all the breaks in between, they helped welcome and make the Tahiti students feel at home, so a big thank you to all of them!

The Tahiti students had 6 hours of dance with us each day, having their own classes in the mornings during our academic periods, and then more dance in the afternoon during our arts periods. That’s a whole lot of dancing! Our team of Ms. Hanna, Ms. Annie, Ms. Emily, and Mr. Mike were able to provide a variety of dance content for them to have a full bootcamp experience. They even learned a whole dance in the style of the Xinjiang ethnic group, captured in the farewell showcase last Thursday.

In the future, we will continue to explore opportunities for both students to come visit us and for our students to visit other school, not unlike our recent trip to Taiwan! In fact, our Tahiti friends have already invited us to visit them next year!


HSArts will continue to provide private campus tours over the next several weeks giving all interested students and their families the opportunity to further explore our programs and offerings.  Please RSVP here to schedule your tour.
Young Artists News from the Competition
By Ms. Ginnie and Ms. Hanna, Newspersons of the Young Artists

Our students attended Epic Dance Competition in San Jose during the April 14-16 weekend. We have seen them grow so much as dancers since the last competition a month ago! Competition results are listed below. 

Andy Ispas and Abigail Wong received 1st Place Overall for their duet “Chasing Light” and a Platinum award!
✨ Abigail Wong received Epic Platinum and Platinum for her solos “Out of My Mind” and “Ode to Lotus” respectively, and placed 2nd Overall in her division. 
✨ Emilie Fu received 2nd Place Overall and a Platinum award for her solo, “Dancing in the Rain.”
✨ Kylie Tang and Abbie Tanabe received 3rd Place Overall and a Platinum award for their duet, “Together We Stand.”
✨ Andy Ispas received a Platinum award and 8th Overall in division for his solo, “Courage,” as well as a “Powerhouse” Judges’ Award for his dynamic leaps and jumps!
✨ Kylie Tang received Platinum and 9th Overall for her solo, “Remembrance.”
✨ Madeleine Chan received Platinum and 10th Overall for her solo, “Teahouse Waiter.”

Photos courtesy of our Dance Instagram account @hsarts_dance. Make sure to follow and like!

Santa Cruz Trip
Recap by Mr. Brian, reporting live from on the scene

On Friday, April 17, we ventured down south to the Los Gatos mountains, to a land that’s the school’s land for outdoor things. There, students engaged in the student council prepared EGG HUNT! 

And hunt they did, uncovering little egglings in nooks and crannies, over, sideways, and under on a magic carpeted egg hunting extravagenza.

The prizes? Lots of delicious chocolates and candies and 8 special tickets to Whack the Easter Bunny Piñata!

*Editor’s note: no real bunnies were harmed in the bunny battery batting session.

After spewing the sweet sweet candied innards of the piñata, we had an egg decorating contest!

We had first, second, third places and a few honorable mentions!

Honorable mention: Ivy Vong
Honorable mention: Dylahn Zamudio
Third Place: Lucas Luu
Second Place: Coco Waissman

First Place: Angela Zhang

And then we had lunch!

All in all, fun times!

We wrapped up our day at the Santa Cruz Boardwalk! Students split into groups and had at it! Rides, beach, sunshine, and lots of food and drinks!

Thanks again to our student councils and Ms. Anne for helping to organize this wonderful day!

Career Fair (in Pictures)
Wednesday, April 15

Continued from the Front Page
Still Mr. Brian, responsibly finishing this op ed piece

Responsibility is not just about fulfilling our obligations and meeting our commitments. It’s also about recognizing our power and agency to make a positive difference in the world. When we take responsibility for our lives and the world around us, we become agents of change, capable of shaping our future and creating a better world for ourselves and others.

Unfortunately, not everyone embraces responsibility. Some people fall into a victim mentality or mindset, where they believe that their circumstances are beyond their control and that they have no power to change them. They may blame others for their problems, make excuses for their failures, and resist taking responsibility for their lives.

“When you think everything is someone’s fault, you will suffer a lot. When you realize that everything springs only from yourself, you will learn both peace and joy.” -Dalai Lama

The truth is that we all have the power to take responsibility for our lives, no matter our circumstances. We may not be able to control everything that happens to us, but we can control how we respond to it. We can choose to see challenges as opportunities for growth, to learn from our mistakes, and to take proactive steps to improve our situation.

So how can we cultivate a sense of responsibility in ourselves and others? Here are a few ideas:

First, start with yourself. Take responsibility for your thoughts, actions, and choices. Be honest with yourself about your strengths and weaknesses, and work to develop your character and skills. Set goals and hold yourself accountable for achieving them. Don’t blame others for your failures, but learn from your mistakes and use them as opportunities for growth.

Second, lead by example. Show others what it means to be responsible by modeling the behavior you want to see in them. Be reliable, trustworthy, and dependable. Follow through on your commitments and do what you say you’ll do. Communicate clearly and honestly, and be open to feedback and criticism.

Third, empower others. Encourage others to take responsibility for their lives and their world. Help them develop the skills and confidence they need to succeed. Support them in their goals and aspirations, and give them opportunities to lead and make a difference.

Finally, remember that responsibility is not a burden, but a privilege. It’s a sign of our maturity, our self-awareness, and our commitment to making the world a better place. So embrace it, cherish it, and use it to create the life and the world you want to see.

As the great Ben Parker once said, “With great power, comes great responsibility.” 

Let us all strive to be responsible individuals who take ownership of our actions and make a positive impact on the world around us. Let us lead by example, empower others, and embrace the privilege of responsibility. Together, we can create a better future for ourselves and for generations to come.


Coming soon!
May 3
Asian Heritage Month Performance at Kaiser
May 6

Student Art Gallery at Stonestown mall

May 5-7
Thunderstruck Dance Competition
May 10
Spring Spectacular Dress Rehearsal #1
May 11
Performance at Stevenson Elementary School
May 16
Charlotte’s Web Open Rehearsal
May 17
Performance at Sagebrook Senior Center, sponsored by NHS
May 19
Charlotte’s Web musical performance
May 19-21
Headliners Dance Competition

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