HSArts Community Newsletter – Apr 7

San Francisco High School of the Arts Community Newsletter | April 7, 2023


Important Dates
Apr 12 Career Fair

Apr 14 Land Day & Santa Cruz

Remarks from our Head of School

We are back! We had a wonderful time in Taiwan. We visited beautiful places, tasted lots of delicious fruit and food, and made many new friends! The most inspiring experience is studying at Niaosong, another arts high school and among many like-minded young artists. This exchange will become our high school’s new tradition in the years to come!

Dr. Sherry Zhang 
Head of School
San Francisco High School of the Arts

Land Day, Easter Event, and Santa Cruz Boardwalk, Oh My!

Mr. Brian, Santa Cruising, Bored-walking, 

April 14. Mark it down: We’re going to the Land! This time… with an Easter theme!

Why hunt for eggs at the park, when you can do it in the lovely Santa Cruz mountains? Our student council has prepared Easter activities for our students to enjoy, which include the classic hunt, egg decorations, and a piñata! 

After some delicious outdoor BBQ and other delicious delicacies, we’ll head down to the Santa Cruz boardwalk. Hang out on the beach, feel the breeze and watch the waves crash to the symphonic soundtrack of the local sea lions.

Or maybe you’re a thrill seeker, and bought the park ride pass for roller coasters galore! Whatever flavor your fun, you’ll find lots of it on our upcoming field trip next Friday.

Who’s excited?


Featured Academic News of the Week    

Mr. Ray Chen, Math Science Computer Science Teacher and Enthusiast

We’re approaching the due date of AP CSP’s Create Performance Task. Students are working very hard to create their own programs utilizing functions, data abstraction, procedural abstraction, with good algorithm strategies plus testing. The Create Performance Task is worth 30 percent of the exam score. I’m so sure all students can do very well and get a full score on the Create Performance Task. Also, all students are very confident on getting a 5 on the AP Exam (AP Exam 5 means extremely well qualified for that subject). Let all of us cheer on my 5 AP CSP students who are Sabrina, Eric, John, Olivia and Dylan!

Editor’s note: Go CSP! Add oil! 


Featured Arts News of the Week    

Ms. Hanna Zhang, Dance Teacher

Dear Parents,
We finished our tambourine dance a few weeks ago and we hope the girls thoroughly enjoyed their Taiwan trip. We are now planning to learn a new dance called the Yi Dance. The Yi people are known for their exceptional ability to sing and dance, with many rhythmic and enthusiastic movements. These dance routines were developed from the locals’ harvesting and stepping on buckwheat.

For our upcoming performance, the Spring Spectacular at Herbst Theatre, we will be showcasing the free flowing style using Yi movements. We can’t wait for the girls to learn this new dance and showcase their skills. Please stay tuned for further updates. Hanna out.

Editor’s note: Spring Spectacular, new name for the upcoming recital, thoughts? Good, bad, you can do better? Comment down below 😀


Admissions News

HSArts will continue to provide private campus tours over the next several weeks giving all interested students and their families the opportunity to further explore our programs and offerings.  Please RSVP here to schedule your tour.


Young Artists News from the Break

Ms. Ginnie Wu, Dance Teacher and Young Artists Coordinator

Last week we asked our Young Artists families to submit photos of their dancers practicing during the spring break. There were so many wonderful submissions and we wish we could feature them all! Here are some of the photos.

Arlo Juergens (6) mid-cartwheel on a trip to Hawaii.

Audrey Chen (6) works on her back strength and flexibility on a Friday afternoon.

Kylie Tang (12) leads a stretching session for her twin sisters Karina and Keona (8). 

Isabella Chang (9) gets in some practice time at a local park. 
Alexandra Kuchenova (6) works on her leg and back flexibility over the spring break.
Charlotte (12) and Madeleine (9) working hard before bedtime.


404 Pictures not found… yet
Post Spring Break, we’re still awaiting pictures from field trips and other fun events right around the corner. Stay tuned!

Check out the schedule for the upcoming events down below!


Coming soon!
Apr 12
Career Fair
Apr 14
Land Day & Santa Cruz (Easter event)
Apr 14-16
Epic Dance Competition
May 3
Asian Heritage Month Performance at Kaiser
May 4

Badminton & Ping Pong Tournament

May 5-7
Thunderstruck Dance Competition
May 10
Spring Showcase Dress Rehearsal #1
May 19-21
Headliners Dance Competition

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