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Math matters in everyday life. HSArts encourages students to become creative problem-solvers as they investigate how math applies to real life. Our comprehensive program includes a range of courses. From our foundational classes, Algebra I, and Geometry to higher-level courses in Calculus, Statistics, and Discrete Math, students learn and develop strategic reasoning skills. Students learn to think independently, connect visuals to algebraic representations, and gain confidence in logic and reasoning.

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Course Description

  • Algebra 1*
  • Geometry

Grades Offered: 9, 10

Prerequisites: 8th Grade Math or equivalent

UC Approved: Yes

Algebra 1 teaches practical, real-world uses of algebra. Students learn how to write algebraic expressions, solve linear equations, and graph relationships. They solve quadratic equations and learn about the rate of change, inequalities, monomial and polynomial expressions, exponents, and functions.

*Students may take this course in 7th or 8th Grade for high school credit.

Grades Offered: 9, 10

Prerequisites: Algebra 1 or equivalent

UC Approved: Yes

Geometry 1 introduces a variety of geometric topics through a hands-on approach giving students an opportunity for kinetic learning. Geometric modeling gives students an understanding of similarity as they learn how to solve theorems and write proofs.

  • Algebra 2
  • Pre-Calculus

Grades Offered: 9, 10, 11

Prerequisites: Algebra 1 or equivalent

UC Approved: Yes

Algebra 2 introduces students to many types of functions. They also learn how to prove basic trigonometric identities, solve equations and inequalities, and gain an understanding of imaginary and complex numbers. The study of sequences and series, conics, basic data analysis, and statistics are also taught in this course.

Grades Offered: 10, 11, 12

Prerequisites: Algebra 2 or equivalent

UC Approved: Yes

Precalculus introduces students to the complex number plane. They learn to simplify Polynomial, Rational, and Exponential Expressions, graph functions, use trigonometric functions to model phenomena, and systematically solve systems of linear equations and inequalities. This course reviews functions from Algebra II, and teaches vectors and matrices. Students learn how to describe inverse functions graphically and algebraically, and how to define functions using parameters and polar coordinates.

  • Discrete Math
  • AP & Honors

Grades Offered: 11, 12

Prerequisites: Geometry and Algebra 2 or equivalent (Recommended: Pre-Calculus )

UC Approved: Yes

Discrete Mathematics has students solving mathematical problems. They use mathematical induction to write proofs; study integers and their divisibility properties; analyze, search, and sort algorithms; and work with graphs and sets. The course teaches discrete probability theory, number theory, and graph theory. Other topics include lists and sets, relations and partitions, advanced proof techniques, recurrence relations, functions and their properties, permutations, and symmetry, as well as basic logic.


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