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As well as fundamental understandings of historical events, the history curriculum facilitates in-depth development of skills in chronological and spatial thinking, historical research and interpretation, academic literacy and writing, as well as interdisciplinary learning.

This four-year program is made up of two years of world history and two years of US history. Students will learn to interpret the correlation and causation of events; analyze the impact of a historical event on a region’s – or the world’s – economy, politics, society and technology; think and write critically about historical events; and explain how they have affected the modern world.

Course Description

  • Ancient World History
  • Modern World History
  • AP World History

Grades Offered: 9

Prerequisites: None

UC Approved: Yes

In Ancient World History, students will study the time period from the Neolithic Revolution (B.C.E. period) up to the Columbian exchange (16th century). The course focuses on the following topics: Cultural/technological contributions of the six ancient world civilizations, the Middle Ages, and the Renaissance; human migration and cultural diffusion; development of political and social structures; and empire expansion and downfall.

Grades Offered: 10

Prerequisites: None

UC Approved: Yes

In this course, students will study the impact and significance of historical events from the 16th century to the modern day. Topics of emphasis include: the Spanish Empire, Age of Enlightenment, the Napoleonic Era, the Industrial Revolution, the Age of Imperialism, World War I and II, 20th Century political movements, and the modern day. Students will learn how to interpret correlation and causation between historical events and the modern day.

Grades Offered: 10, 11

Prerequisites: One year of high school world history

UC Approved: Yes

Students in the AP course will follow the AP curriculum and will be required to take the AP exam in May for possible college credit.

  • U.S. History/AP U.S. History
  • U.S. Government/AP U.S. Government and Politics
  • Macroeconomics/AP Macroeconomics

Grades Offered: 11

Prerequisites: None

UC Approved: Yes

In US History, students will study U.S. history from the Pre-Columbian period up to the current day. In this course, students will be expected to analyze and interpret history through the following lenses: American diversity, American identity, culture, demographic changes, economic transformations, environment, globalization, politics and citizenship, reform, religion, war and diplomacy, and slavery and its legacies. Students taking the AP course will prepare for the AP exam in May through mock exams and AP practice questions.

Grades Offered: 12

Prerequisites: Algebra 2 and Pre-Calculus or equivalent

UC Approved: Yes

In this course, students will examine the history of the American federal government and the meaning of democracy with focus on the three branches of government, civil rights and liberties, and modern-day issues. Students will study and analyze increasingly challenging primary texts, including excerpts from the Federalist papers, court cases, and original legislative documents; debate, challenge, and evaluate public policy, demonstrating comprehensive understanding of the complex and unique issues that pervade today’s society; and demonstrate active citizenship by writing a proposal addressed to a member or entity of the U.S. government. Students in the AP course will follow the AP curriculum and will be required to take the AP exam in May for possible college credit.

Grades Offered: 12

Prerequisites: Geometry and Algebra 2 or equivalent (Recommended: Pre-Calculus )

UC Approved: Yes

In this course, students will focus on the following topics: economic policy, money movements, banks and other financial institutions operating, economic growth, trade and exchange, consumer behavior, and modern-day issues. Students should be prepared for quantitative work (graphing, algebraic problems) as well as challenging reading assignments. Students in the AP course will follow the AP curriculum and will be required to take the AP exam in May for possible college credit.

History Department Faculty


Mr. Lee Randazzo, M.A.

English & History Teacher
Mr. Randazzo has an M.A. in ESL teaching for all ages and is certified in general education elementary school teaching (for all subjects, K-6). He is a licensed teacher with more than 20 years of teaching experience in public and private schools.

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