The Circle of Student Life

Front Page News
September 22, 2022
By Mr. Brian Nieh, Student Life overseer

From the day students arrive on the campus, and blinking, stepped into clubs, there’s more clubs here than we have had before, more to do than can ever be done.

You may recall an earlier post announcing all of our clubs, and that’s a big part of our student life here. During after school times, besides study hall, we have clubs aplenty: art club, origami club, yearbook club, student council, basketball club, games club, and more! You can really feel the bonding happening with our students, and I’m all for it.

After our very exciting Mid-Autumn Festival, we have more events on the way. Spirit week is coming up October 3-7, with plenty of opportunities for students to show their school spirit. The week will culminate in a fun Field Day on Friday with indoor and outdoor activities, and, of course, great food and treats in tow.

Looking ahead, we have lots to look forward to: fundraisers, movie nights, Halloween and other holidays, and more! Stay tuned in the circle, the circle of student life.