Sep 15 – Remarks from our Head of School

It’s the fifth week of school and students are progressing nicely. I am thrilled to see many of our students forming good relationships with their peers and teachers. Students are taking some of their first tests in their classes. While sometimes daunting, exams are necessary checkpoints to measure learning and growth.

To support our students’ development of study skills, Ms. Leddy, queen of test prep, headlined our Monday student assembly and leadership class with a test-taking workshop. She also has an extensive background in SAT test preparation and attained perfect scores on two of her three SAT exams. This workshop taught our students the value of hard work and that no one is a natural born test taker. Diligence in study, taking and reviewing good notes, and asking questions are necessary to achieve high scores. Parents, please remind your student to complete and turn in Ms. Leddy’s workshop homework. This assignment reinforces the workshop message that working hard is a vital key to achieving success.

We hope to inspire our students to hone their passion for academics and keep on challenging themselves! I look forward to seeing the hard work from our students in their studies and in their testing.

Dr. Sherry Zhang
Head of School
San Francisco High School of the Arts