Featured Academic Class of the Week – Integrated Sciences

October 6, 2022
Mr. Ray Chen, Math and Science Teacher

Starting this school year, our innovative Integrated Science curriculum aims to incorporate computer science and data science into our core scientific subjects, such as physical science, biology, and physics. Students are learning these subjects while using computers to build models, simulate results, and analyze the resulting data. For example, our “Integrated Science – Bio Focus” class is working on reproducing current Australia’s rabbit crisis using JavaScript. Students code this real world problem of  “breed like rabbits” by randomly simulating 3-4 liters per year and 1-12 babies per litter per doe rabbit. Another coding project my math students are working on is using repetition to tell if a number is prime. The manual process of telling prime is tedious but JavaScript only needs 8 lines to take input and give output, true/false of prime. Students not only build up their coding skills but also get the important sense that their future careers may benefit from computer science and data science.