Young Artists News of the Week

March 17, 2023
Mr. Sky Wei, Coding Teacher and HSArts Alumni

This project, found on, is a dance programming activity that allows students to create their own dance animations using block coding. The project is designed to help students develop their coding skills and understanding of event programming, as they learn to create programs that respond to timed events and user input.

Students will be able to choose from a variety of dance moves and sequences to create their own unique dance animations, using blocks to code each step of the program. Throughout the project, students will have the opportunity to experiment with different coding techniques, such as using variables to store and modify data, creating loops and conditional statements, and debugging and testing their code.

The project is designed to be accessible to students with little or no prior coding experience, with support provided at each level to help students progress through the challenges. The project is engaging and interactive, allowing students to express their creativity and develop new skills in a fun and engaging way.

At the end of the project, students will have a completed dance animation that they can share with others, demonstrating their understanding of event programming and their ability to create programs using block coding.

Aiden Lau: Lord:
Arianna Yuen: Guan:
Maya Ahn: Quock: