The Phoenix Won Their First Basketball Game!

Student Life News
November 18, 2022
Mr. David Gallagher, English Teacher and Basketball Head Coach

*Editor’s note: Without much Academic news to share, as classes take the weeklong hiatus during Thanksgiving, instead Coach Gallagher recounts the basketball games on Thursday.

On Tuesday, November 15th, the HSArts basketball team traveled to Stratford Middle School to take on the Stratford Lions in a series of three basketball games on their blacktop. It has been a tradition between our two schools to compete at least once a year. The HSArts Phoenix team consists of eight players from grades 5-8 including William (the Captain), Danny, Austin, Sam, Andy, Ashton, Curtis, and Joshua. The Phoenix were cheered on by several students and faculty members who made the trip. 

The first game pitted Stratford’s sixth grade team against the Phoenix. In an easy win, our boys showed great energy and spirit while coasting to victory. In the second game against Stratford’s 7th graders, the Phoenix lost a close contest that was not decided until the final buzzer. In the third and final game, the Phoenix faced off against the Lions’ 8th grade team. While our boys fought hard and played tough defense, the more experienced Stratford team won.

HSArts players showed great teamwork and sportsmanship, along with an aggressive and fast-paced style. It was a fun day for both our students and the students of Stratford school who watched from the stands and cheered their team on loudly and with great school pride. We are working to get into the CYO league next year and show what HSArts athletes are able to accomplish with their hard work and dedication. Go Phoenix!