Pi Day Celebrations: Monday 3/13

March 10, 2023
Student Life News

What do you know about pi? Do you know that it is an irrational number, which means that the number never ever ever stops? Do you know that it is the ratio of the length around a circle to the length through a circle? Do you know that its applications are vast and robust: helping us to even estimate the volume of our entire universe? Well, whether you do or don’t, you are invited to celebrate one of the most exciting holidays with us this Monday! Our students will be competing in a school-wide endeavor to recite as many digits, in decreasing size order, of pi as possible. In case that is not exciting enough, we have sweetened the deal! The winner will be treated to boba, and anyone who can correctly list more than 31 digits of pi will receive 10 points of extra credit towards their next math test! Please encourage your child to set a goal of how many numbers they would like to memorize, and work on this endeavor this weekend. Some of our students are off to a head start and can already rattle off 50 digits! We are looking forward to sharing this giddiness around math on Monday, while feasting on pie, and celebrating our hard work. 

Thank you!
-Mrs. Leddy