Kindness Awareness Month

Front Page News
November 11, 2022
Mr. Brian Nieh, Kindness Supervisor

November is our Kindness Awareness Month (™ pending), highlighting one of our character pillars integral to our whole-child education. And already we’ve seen our kind students take this to their kind hearts. 

Some students have missed some time, due to different kinds of reasons, medical or otherwise. Other non-absent students have shown great kindness by offering to share notes or catch them up on their classes. So kind!

We’ve also seen several shadow students spend their day with us this past week. Our students have kindly offered their hospitality and assistance to our student visitors, helping them feel at home.

Residents of the lunch line have been kinder. So far, no cuts, butts, or fights over who got there first to report. Kindness!

HSArts is truly a wonderful place, made even better by the kindness of our students, staff, and families. Our community is truly… one-of-a-kind.

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