Halloween Recap!

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November 4, 2022

Costume Competition Results!

3rd Place individual – A three person tie! Coco (Homura), Jake (Grim Reaper), and Alisa (Cool Pirate)

Coco (Homura)
Jake (Grim Reaper)
Alisa (Cool Pirate)

2nd place individual – Jacqueline (Steampunk Kid)

Jacqueline (Steampunk Kid)

1st place individual – Ryan (Man in Black)

Ryan (Man in Black)

2nd place group – Angela and Hailey (Fair Maidens)

Angela and Hailey (Fair Maidens)

1st place group – William, Curtis, Danny, and John (TRex Bros)

William, Curtis, Danny, and John (TRex Bros)

Pumpkin Painting!

Spooky Bake Sale

Miscellaneous Pics

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