Growth Mindset

Front Page News
October 27, 2022
by Dr. Sherry Zhang

Students have obtained their first quarter report cards. We are very proud of what our students have accomplished this year. All of this has to do with their hard work and developing better study habits. 

We have asked students to think about the following questions during the assembly:

  1. Are you happy with your report card?
  2. Take a second to think about what you want your report card to look like.
  3. Do you believe you can improve your report card?
  4. Do you believe you will be able to attain your envisioned report card in quarter 2?
  5. Do you believe you will do it without changing anything?

We learned from Professor Carol Dweck, the author of Growth Mindset,

“When we face challenges, receive criticism, or fare poorly compared to others, we can become insecure or defensive, which inhibits growth.”  

Growth mindset is about believing that intelligence and creativity, as well as things like love and friendship, can be grown and cultivated with practice and time, and change happens through hard work, good strategies, and input from others.

Students took 7 minutes to work on a reflection checklist for Quarter 1 to help them identify which good habits to continue, and what new habits they will start in Quarter 2. 

There is a nice video on growth mindset vs fixed mindset. Please enjoy.