Featured Arts News of the Week

February 10, 2023
Ms. Lucy Cui, Fine Arts Teacher

This semester we are focusing on the quick study of oil painting with middle school students. Each painting class, I start with a demonstration and then give students a set time to finish the piece. We focus on different new tasks in each class and with time limits, students need to be highly concentrated to accomplish the task. We start with a single still life subject, then move on to multiple subjects, at the same time adding information of composition and color theory. The result seems nice.  Within the past 4 weeks, students were able to finish one to two quick study paintings per week.  Students are more focused during the limited time, and the artworks get better and better. 

  • Start with learning the value relationship by painting a pear (single still life subject) with white and burnt amber color
  • Learn color relationship by painting of a pear with yellow and violet complementary color pair
  • Painting of watermelon with green and red complementary color pair
  • Landscape painting to incorporate more colors
  • Learn multiple subject paintings by adding environment and fabric study to the painting