Featured Academic News of the Week

December 9, 2022
Mrs. Darragh Leddy, Math Teacher

This past Friday, the 11th and 12th graders went on a field trip with Mrs Leddy. They had the good fortune of visiting a company downtown, called Unspun. Unspun is a startup that is working hard to automate the making of clothing and they have started with jeans, but hope to expand their products to a wide variety of apparel. Furthermore, Unspun is environmentally motivated and so they are using materials that are ethically sourced and most importantly materials that will last you a long time, ideally the length of your life. So much of our clothing today ends up in landfill and Unspun is tasked with reducing that percentage and thus improving the health of our planet. Unspun is composed of many young employees that are software engineers, textile engineers, firmware engineers, marketers, human resources, and fashion researchers. The employees of Unspun took most of their morning to give HSArts 11th and 12th graders a tutorial of their one-of-a-kind machine that currently makes their apparel, explaining, the materials they use and the customers they have worked for, and the company’s overall ethos. Afterwards, Unspun prepared a panel of employees to speak with our students and explain what their job is, what makes them good at their role, and what their advice is for young, intelligent San Francisco students eager to learn and interested in contributing their talents to the workforce in not too long of a time. We are incredibly thankful that this hardworking startup took time to spread wisdom and excitement with our students as they discern their next steps. Unspun is a great company that we encourage all to check out, and maybe even purchase a pair of jeans that you wear for life and help reduce our carbon footprint!