Beware! Tiger!

Front Page News
January 27, 2023
Mr. Brian Nieh, Probably not a tiger, definitely not a furry >:O

*Editor’s note: Some readers were confused regarding the zodiac for the year. To confirm, we are exiting the Year of the Tiger and entering the Year of the Rabbit. If you go by the Vietnamese Lunar New Year, then it will be the Year of the Cat.

*Editor’s tangent: In ancient times, they held a race with all of the animals to determine who would be the 12 Chinese zodiacs. There are many interesting tidbits regarding the race itself, but one interesting note is the cat and the rat rode atop the ox through the race. Near the finish line, crossing a wide river, the rat tricked the cat into the water, and the cat lost its chance to finish the race. So that’s why the cat isn’t one of the 12 Chinese zodiacs, and why cats have disliked rats throughout history, as the legend goes. Speaking of legends…
Legend tells of a legendary warrior, whose kung fu skills were the stuff of legends! His name? John Wu Song. His game? Drinking and hunting tigers. Lucky for him, Andy’s Local Pub and Family Friendly Dining Establishment (name pending) has plenty of moonshine in comically oversized clay pots and there seems to be a ferocious man-eating tiger on the loose!

The story starts off in a small village at the foot of a forest, guests are greeted by Andy, owner and lead server at Andy’s Local Pub and Family Friendly Dining Establishment. Ignoring the warnings of a tiger sighting, the locals go about their day until…tragedy strikes! Oh no! While a band of hunters band together to hunt it down, the real hero, John Wu Song, steps in to save the day. What will befall our hero?

Tonight, we shall see the epic tale in the form of a dance drama that features students and staff and other distinguished HSArts community members. We hope you’ll be there at the performance to enjoy John Wu Song Fights the Tiger.