2022 HSArts Art Competition

HSArts 2024 Spring Art Competition Open for Submission

Winners of Second Annual 2022 HSArts Art Competition

San Francisco, CA – San Francisco High School of the Arts selected three winners in its second annual art contest. More than 30 students participated in this year’s contest.

The top winners received scholarship awards up to $5,000.

Winners’ artwork will be displayed in the HSArts main lobby between April 15-29, and then in the HSArts hallways through the summer. HSArts welcomes all educators to share information about our annual contest with their students. For more information about our annual contest, please contact info@hsarts.org.

Our 2022 HSArts Art Competition winners are:

1st Place

Hudson Alberto Contreras, Grade 10
     Title: The Fabulous Hudson Hornet, charcoal

Judges comments: This piece did a great job with textures and dynamic value contrast, creating an intriguing cinematic composition that captures viewers attention. The use of acetone further accentuates the fleeting ephemeral look of this piece. The artist allows the composition to have both rhythm and balance by not filling in all the visual details.

2nd Place

Maggie Jane Kelly, Grade 10
     Title: Lonely Tree, acrylic on wood

Judges comments: On the hillside with few trees and a person, with color in harmony, this painting illustrates a calm and peaceful scene in front of the audiences. Staging in dead center composition also emphasizes the calm and serenity, but the small figure on the left breaks a little bit of this symmetry and brings something lively to this quiet piece. 

3rd Place

Dylan Sheredy, Grade 11
     Title: Charcoal of Bottle and Fruit, charcoal

Owen Min Law, Grade 8
     Title: Glass and Oranges, pencil drawing

Aiden Alexander Ko Wong, Grade 7
     Title: Drawing of a Pot, a Bell Pepper, and a Daikon, charcoal

Honorable mentions

William Huang, Grade 7
     Title: Charcoal Art, charcoal

Claire Shinya Xu, Grade 6
     Title: Turtle in the Ocean, colored pencils

Mr. Kai Lun Qu, a professional artist and the Director and Founder of CalColor Atelier in Cupertino and Ms. Lucy Cui, a freelance storyboard artist and illustrator, are HSArts staff faculty members who served on the judges panel.

The 2022 HSArts Art Competition is an annual opportunity for visual arts students to showcase their talents and have their work displayed in our school gallery that is open to the San Francisco community. The art competition seeks to promote and celebrate the beauty and goodness of traditional arts. Through this competition, HSArts hopes to connect with the local arts community to award talented and passionate young Bay Area artists who convey traditional aesthetics and positive ideals.

The next HSArts Visual and Performing Arts event, the Spring Musical, is scheduled for May 20, 2022. 

San Francisco High School of the Arts (HSArts) endeavors to recognize, encourage and nurture artistic talent in the Bay Area. Local youth artists, ages 9 to 16, are invited to submit their original work to our 2022 HSArts Arts Competition.  Participants will submit a high quality photo of their work to HSArts and a panel of professional artists will select the winners based on overall presentation, artistry, aesthetic value, color scheme, originality, composition and design. 

Winners of the 2022 HSArts Art Competition will be recognized at an awards ceremony held at the school and their artwork will be displayed on campus for three months. All contest winners will receive monetary scholarships to support their arts education at HSArts, its middle school, or its Young Artists Program. 

  ► First place award (1): $5,000
  ► Second place award (4) : $ 2,000
  ► Third Place (8): $ 1,000
  ► Honorable mention (10): $500

All scholarship awards must be used towards payment for HSArts tuition (both middle school and high school), enrollment in the Young Artists Program, art workshops, HSArts Summer Camps, or program materials.

Winners will be announced on April 15, 2022 on the HSArts website. Winning works will be displayed at HSArts starting from May 15, 2022 to August 15, 2022.

  ► Download and print the Application – Student Information and Release Form

  ► Enclose a high quality photo of your artwork:

          Size: Letter size, 300ppi

  ► Mail your completed application form with the photo of your artwork to HSArts before the deadline, May 15, 2022:

          2022 HSArts Art Competition
          1950-1970 Page Street
          San Francisco, CA, 94117

  ► Complete the Online Application and Student Release Form

  ► Upload a high quality digital photo of your artwork   

          Resolution: 300ppi
          File format: JPG

  ► Submit your application form before the deadline, March 15, 2022

Accepted mediums for two-dimensional artwork are as follows:

  ► Paintings: oil, acrylic paints, watercolor, gouache, tempera, Chinese painting.

  ► Drawings: colored pencil, graphite, ink, pastel, charcoal (charcoal and pastel drawings should be fixed.)

The rules and regulations included here apply to the 2022 HSArts Art Competition:

  ► Contest is open to students between the ages of 9 and 16, living in San Francisco or the surrounding Bay Area.

  ► Each entry should be an original two-dimensional artwork of Western or Eastern style, with the exception of reproductions of any classical realist artwork before the 19th Century.

  ► Copies of other artists’ works or paintings, from other artists’ photographs or from published materials will not be accepted. Any plagiarized work will be immediately disqualified.

  ► Artwork should be completed within the last two years, and must not have won any previous prize or award in any other art competition.

  ► No copies of other artists’ works or paintings from other artists’ photographs or from published material will be allowed. Any plagiarized work will be immediately disqualified.

  ► Artwork must adhere to the policy of the HSArts Art Competition Commission (the Committee).

  ► In accordance with this policy exhibits MUST NOT:

          – depict subjects of contemporary political controversy 

          – depict sensationalistic images 

          – be gruesome nature 

While it is not the intent to censor any artwork, HSArts does wish to avoid artwork that is potentially inappropriate for display at our school.

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