5th and 6th Grade Field Trip with Mrs. Leddy

Academic News of the Week
March 3, 2023
Mrs. Darragh Leddy, Math Teacher and Field Trip Supervisor

This past Wednesday, the 5th and 6th grade math classes visited Randall Museum. In math class, we recently learned about ratios, proportions, and scale factors. To see the applications of scale factors we have been studying maps. Students had to print out a map that instructed them how to get from school to Randall Museum. I accompanied them, but did not give any direction; not even when they disputed whether they were going the correct direction or not. Students worked together, explaining clearly why their interpretation of the map was correct and were able to listen to each other and come to an agreement. We only went wrong once! We stopped at Corona Heights Park, climbed a huge rock (very carefully), and had clear panoramic views of the city. We played eye spy and had fun taking in the span of San Francisco. We could even see Mt Diablo, which some students learned was not LA. At Randall Museum, students toured other middle schoolers’ science projects that Randall Museum is displaying this month. Our students now have a greater understanding of what a science project entails, and have some great ideas for what they plan to test next year in their very own science project. We also visited animals that Randall Museum is rehabilitating. Students were particularly enamored with the raccoon. We look forward to more field trips, more time outside, and more ideas to test and share our results with our community!