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"Their arts classes are extraordinary and the academic program is strong as well." -- Feedback from parent


"Their arts classes are extraordinary and the academic program is strong as well." -- Feedback from parent

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The Musical Theatre Program (MTP) at HSArts is a comprehensive and dynamic theatre arts education program that gives students the opportunity to develop their skills through intensive rehearsals and live performances. The MTP curriculum centers on pre-professional, individualized training in the fundamentals of acting, singing, music, and dance. Students apply these skills in individual and group scenes, as well as in performances.

Apart from individualized training, musical theatre students’ coursework includes Acting Tech, Acting Scene Studies, Improvisation, Group Vocal, Music Theory, Piano Lab, and MT Movement.

Throughout the school year, our musical theatre students participate in two showcases, two musicals, and a play. These theatrical performances give students the opportunity to be involved in a production from start to finish and grow as a collaborative group of young artists. Ultimately, our goal is to help shape well-rounded theatre artists who are prepared to pursue their passion beyond high school, and help cultivate a more creative world.


Within the MTP, Acting offers comprehensive training to students who aspire to pursue acting in a conservatory or on stage, film and television. Tailored for young actors interested in advancing their dramatic acting skills, the Acting curriculum includes improvisation, journaling, scene study, history of theatre, voice and diction, audition techniques, and production values.

Singing and Music

Singing and Music serves to develop the vocal skills of each student while providing them with foundational knowledge in music. With their voice as their main instrument, MTP students become more competent  musicians, learning music theory, piano basics, and vocal techniques including breath control, posture, enunciation, and intonation with a private vocal instructor. Students practice putting  their vocal skills to work while maneuvering about the stage and performing dance movements.


Dance prepares students to move gracefully and confidently while on stage. Starting with posture, and learning how to move their bodies, MTP students practice rhythm, balance, footwork, and expression through movement, unlocking all the tools needed to express their own artistry. Students learn basic dance techniques, routines, and repertoires from major productions and original choreography from their teachers.

Previous Productions

Fall 2021  The Phantom Tollbooth

Spring 2022  The Most Viewed, Least Watched Talk Show in History

Spring 2022  You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown


Sample Theatre Curriculum

►  Acting Technique

►  Movement Technique

►  Improvisation

►  Shakespeare

►  Play Analysis

►  Theatre History

►  Mask Work

►  Voice & Diction

►  Dialects

►  Acting for the Camera

►  Voice & Dance for Musical Theatre

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