Visual Arts Intensive - Advanced (Oil Painting)
Ages 13+


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Student artists will develop their visual problem-solving skills in preparation for painting from real life sources in our Representational Oil Painting Bootcamp. Students will learn to mix colors using color charts and studies, observe how light sources affect the color of their subject, and accurately reproduce its colors.

Technique is best learned by observing successful examples. This camp will familiarize students with master works and allow them to cultivate their painting skills by copying those works in monochrome and limited palette color. Students will learn the difference between, and how to produce, open grisaille, closed grisaille, and limited color palette paintings. By copying master paintings, students will further their study of technique and composition, this time focusing on using paint application and color to do so.
July 12 - August 6 (4 weeks)
9:30am–4:00pm, Monday–Friday
Early drop off and late pick-up extended care available upon request.
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HSArts COVID guidelines

Each of our 3-week camp cohorts will have a teacher-student ratio of 1:10.

           Following DPH Guidelines, HSArts Summer Camps require:

          1. Children and youth attend the first week of each session;
               * Those who do not attend the first week may not join the session.
          2. Masks worn while on campus;
          3. Students socially distanced 6 feet apart.

As we continue to face the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, HSArts is committed to supporting families this summer. If you are uncomfortable with our in-person summer option, we will work with you to find the best solution for your family.

  • “Both sisters truly enjoyed every single day attended, thank you for the great staffs, programs, and facility!”

    —Yvonne, parent of 12 and 8 years old

  • “This is the best summer camp I ever had!”

    —Angel, 13

  • "My daughter progressed so much in dance in just one summer!"

    —Nan, parent of 11 year old

  • Dance classes were so fun and the teachers were so amazing that I wanted to stay for full-time!


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