Future Filmmakers Camp
Ages 9 - 13


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Start your journey on filmmaking this summer! The Future Filmmakers Camp aims to give campers an insight into how videos are made, the tools video people use to tell a story, and give each camper a fun, hands-on experience with shooting and editing.

Campers can:
  • send the Monkey King flying through the school;
  • write your name on a car or a wall (non-destructive of course!);
  • give someone a really large nose using just the camera;
  • change the color of a flower or your fingernails;
  • shoot a brief dramatic scene; and
  • 5-second cinema (can you have a beginning, middle, and end all in 5 seconds?) 

The camp intends to explore the power of PROFESSIONAL EDITING and COMPOSITING SOFTWARE. We will be using DaVinci Resolve software v17, which many professionals use in Hollywood.

The camp will also provide handycams for the campers to use to video record projects. We intend to pique curiosity and creativity in the video making and video editing processes. The camp size is limited to EIGHT students MAXIMUM.

Join us this summer at the HSArts Future Filmmakers Camp!
Session I: June 14 - July 2
1:00pm - 4:00pm, Monday–Friday
Early drop off and late pick-up extended care available upon request.

Camp Schedule

Day 01 Intro Video Production
Day 02 Intro DVR / Inspector->Transform functions
Day 03 CamEx “Framing”
Day 04 CamEx “Walker”
Day 05 Intro VFX / Intro Fusion *This is an ambitious day and perhaps some students will not at first succeed.  We plan to pair students and also let anyone “watch and learn”.
Day 06 Lighting
Day 07 Story-Telling
Day 08 Audio - Music
Day 09 Color
Day 10 Intro CakeTalker Project
Day 11 Animation
Day 12-13  Catch-up days *Students will have a chance to work on any project from the first 11 days.
Day 14 Video-record the CakeTalker Project and edit it
Day 15 Recap / Film Festival *Student project showcase
Registration Fee
Early drop off


Fees apply
HSArts COVID guidelines

Each of our 3-week camp cohorts will have a teacher-student ratio of 1:10.

           Following DPH Guidelines, HSArts Summer Camps require:

          1. Children and youth attend the first week of each session;
               * Those who do not attend the first week may not join the session.
          2. Masks worn while on campus;
          3. Students socially distanced 6 feet apart.

As we continue to face the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, HSArts is committed to supporting families this summer. If you are uncomfortable with our in-person summer option, we will work with you to find the best solution for your family.

  • “Both sisters truly enjoyed every single day attended, thank you for the great staffs, programs, and facility!”

    —Yvonne, parent of 12 and 8 years old

  • “This is the best summer camp I ever had!”

    —Angel, 13

  • "My daughter progressed so much in dance in just one summer!"

    —Nan, parent of 11 year old

  • Dance classes were so fun and the teachers were so amazing that I wanted to stay for full-time!


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