Cristal makes history, again

San Francisco High School of the Arts (HSArts) is proud to announce that The Juilliard School accepted Cristal Kim, 8th grade violinist, into their 2022-23 pre-college program. She is the youngest student in Julliard history to have been accepted into this prestigious program.

Trained in violin for 8 years, Cristal, a New York native, currently takes lessons with HSArts violin instructor, Ms. Ani Bukujian through our remote learning program, which HSArts piloted in 2020 for out-of-state students with a strong passion for the arts. Cristal also has had great influence from professor Sophie Arbuckle, viola instructor for Julliard’s pre-college program.

This is not the first year Julliard acknowledged Cristal’s extraordinary talents. They first accepted her into their 2020 pre-college program as the then-youngest student to receive the honor. However, due to health reasons related to the pandemic, Cristal could not attend. As she made her way toward recovery, Cristal worked diligently with Ms. Bukujian, practicing her violin, and dedicating herself to her academic studies. Her perseverance and passion embody the qualities that define HSArts students and won her another opportunity to learn at The Julliard School next year.

The HSArts community is excited for Cristal as she continues to perfect her artistry. 

HSArts is the only private art school serving grades 5-12 in the San Francisco Bay Area. We offer students a path to self-mastery through professional arts training and rigorous academics. HSArts students attend top universities, pursuing the arts and other fields. We are accepting students into our remote learning program please contact 415-431-3161 or for more information.

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