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Fees and Charges
Registration Fee

New Family One-Time: $125

Returning Family One-Time: $125

Event Fee

(Required for ALL dance programs)

Fall: $0           Spring: $0

Costume Fee

$60 - $110 /Dance

(Adult Dance: $280/Dance)

Monthly Plan Split Payment Fee 


Fall: $80 ($20 /installment)

Spring: $100 ($20 /installment)

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For students eligible for more than one discount, the discounts must be applied one after the other, not in combination with one another.
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1. 5% Annual Discount (Applies if paying for Fall 2019 and Spring 2020)

2. 10% Sibling Discount (Applies to sibling(s) with lesser amount(s) of tuition)

3. 10% Neighborhood Discount (Visual Arts and Dance tuition only - for CIS and Grattan students)

4. 50% Chinese Language/Drama Discount (Applies to students enrolled in K-5 After School and Chinese Language/Drama)

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